Sia: Spring Has Sprung!

A brief welcome/thank you for my closest diety. I truly feel more connected to Her today than ever before. I’ve needed her desperately these last few days, and waking this morning to the rising sun and the birds singing, truly made me feel as if She were there, greeting me as I return from my stay with Hypnos. 

Welcome Persephone! 
Queen of the Underworld, goddess of spring growth, harvest, daughter to Demeter and the mighty Zeus. 

Welcome back from your slumber in the realm of Hades! 

Bring with you the sunshine, flowers, and animals. 

As your humble follower, I welcome you. May your stay on this realm be relaxing and full of happiness. 

I can sense your presence even now,

Those who have you as a Patron Goddess, and those who dont but still know, they feel you too.

Blessed be to Persephone, Goddess of Spring.

Blessed be the ‎Pomegranate, Seeds of Grain, Torch, Flowers and Deer‎ that you bring.

Bless me this day, that when you rise, as do I.


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