Sia Ravenwood; The Brief History 

Hello all, as my first post unrelated to the Pagan holidays, I would like to discuss, in depth, my path and where I came from. This story is how I came to be a Norse and Greek Pagan.

I was born in 1991 to a loving family in rural West Virginia. I had a brother, mother, and father. We all lived in a tall white house with a white fence out front and a long field for a back yard. We moved in 1993, to a small town, into a house less than 100 yards away from a church. My fathers mother was, and currently is, an evangelical Pastor at a chruch in my home town. As I grew up, I was forced to go to church. In the beginning it was twice a week, and soon I was being forced to go to church every day. 

I never knew what to call my Grandmother, did I call her Grandma or Pastor? It was confusing and I hated it. My entire family, except for me, played on the “worship team” under my Grandmothers authority. We did anything and everything she asked or told us to, without question. My mother, who had a full time job, also worked for my Grandmother and the church and was there 7 days a week. There were weekends when I wouldn’t see my mother until she drove me to school on Monday morning.  

This went on until I was 13 and began questioning the religion and its numerous rules. Every question I would have for my Grandmother would be met with the same answer ” You just need to pray.”. The thing was, whenever I prayed, I didn’t get the answers I was hoping for. I would pray about why I was depressed, or why I was sexually confused, or why I thought I should be a boy, the answers I got were…let’s just say they weren’t very Christian.

So I stopped asking questions and began researching different religions and taking notes in secret. I did this for 3 years. Until 2008.

In August of 2008, my over-Christian mother sat my brother and myself down and told us that she had been having an affair…with a woman. As you could imagine I was very confused. No one hated homosexuality more than my mother, and here she was, telling me, 16 years old, that it was all a lie. 

She left that same day. My brother went to college a few weeks later, then came out in January. My Grandmother made my father and I move in with her so she could ” cleanse the house of the spirit of homosexuality. ”  That lasted 4 months and I hated living with her, on a sofa made of leather, in a room no bigger than a closet. 

At the advice of my fathers lawyer, I changed schools. At my new school I met a girl who I will call Tashia. Tashia and I were instant friends and infact the first thing I noticed about her was her signature pentagram necklace and matching earrings. I began asking about them and the meaning behind the symbol.

She invited me over to discuss religion and Wicca. She told me all about Wicca and the beliefs that her Mother bestowed on her. She also explained how many different branches make up the same tree that is Paganism. 

It was after this 6 hour long talk that I realized this is what I had been searching for,  the answers made sense to the questions I had been asking for years. 

Its been 8 years since that talk.  Only recently I have come to claim the Norse and Greek Pantheons as my own.  More recently I have publicly claimed my personal dieties. I am constently learning and taking notes on the overwhelming amount of knowledge that has been acquired about these pantheons. 

It is my sincerest hope that you will join me as I learn.

Until next time,

Blessed Be.

-S. Ravenwood


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