Brief History of Imbloc

Merry Meet friends!
If your new to the world of Wicca you may be unaware that in just one short week Imbloc will be upon us. Imbloc is one of the eight sabbats that Wiccans celebrate. People around the world will also be celebrating this sabbat under a much different connotation. Groundhogs day, this is still similar to the backings of Imbloc. This is the celebration of the earth responding to the first calls of spring. We are right in the middle between winter and spring at this point of the year and Imbloc is there to remind us that the sun is coming back. We want to emphasize the importance of light on this day so that it can help guide springs path back to renew the earth. For this reason you may want to bless all the candles you plan to use in magical practices in the coming months on this day. This day will be the first intimate encounter between the Maiden Goddess and the Young Lord, so we can be ready and ensure the fertility of the months ahead

Common Theme- Purification

This is a wonderful time to purify the body, mind, and spirit. We can look into all bad habits and begin to rid them from our lives so that we make way for the good that is to come. Opening our minds and our spirits and ridding all of the bad helps us be ready to embrace the new exciting life that is sure to come to us during the fertile, and changing times of spring.

Basic Circle Notes

You can use a brown altar cloth to symbolize the Earth, we then want to decorate with the traditional flowers and herbs. Traditional flowers being; daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses, other seasonal bulbs.

Always remember to sweep your space to clear negative energies before casting your circle.

You can search for a blessing for your candles to do during your celebration. You can also make your own to add to your book of shadows. There are many resources out there for you to enjoy one of my personal favorites is  The Craft.

If you are interested in more on Imbloc please catch the posts from my fellow authors this week where each will talk more on specifics on the Sabbat.

Blessed Be, Cara Darkthorn


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